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          Access Agriculture is a non-profit organisation that showcases agricultural training videos in local languages. 

          We strive to promote the transition towards agroecology and organic farming across the global South.

          To impact on rural livelihoods, please explore Access Agriculture.

          Find out how Access Agriculture works around the world...

          Click here to see the video

          To read about the work of Access Agriculture, view / download this leaflet

          Home Feature Slider

          Your donation to the Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund will be used to fully support youth and women entrepreneurs.

          The Access Agriculture Team wish you all the best for 2021

          Like podcasts? Then why not listen to Access Agriculture audio podcasts...

          The smart projector contains all of the Access Agriculture videos available to play off-line, off-grid and off mobile signal.

          We are always updating and adding new languages to our video content.

          Test your knowledge in the Access Agriculture monthly quiz.

          Latest news & blogs

          Spotlight on strategies to support farmers in Malawi
          At the recent launch of the new strategy for the National Agriculture Extension and Advisory Services in Lilongwe, Malawi, Access Agriculture (www.accessagriculture.org/) was invited to participate in the exhibition titled “Agriculture Extension and Advisory Services within reach: Key to Improved Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition.”
          Planting their way to self-reliance

          A little idea can go a long way. This is what Simon Adriko learnt when he started showing farmer-training videos to residents of the refugee settlements in the West Nile region of Uganda to increase agricultural productivity, improve their livelihood and make them self-reliant.

          Trying it yourself

          Helping to write a script for a farmer training video on vermiwash triggered my interest in trying it out myself, as I began to wonder if ideas from tropical India could work in temperate Belgium.

          Backyard farming: a lifeline during COVID-19

          With food supply disrupted by COVID-19, concerns about food security have led to increased interest in growing food at home. 

          Latest Twitter

          Latest Twitter

          Latest Facebook

          Latest Facebook

          "I am very happy to read the details of the work being done by Access Agriculture. I congratulate you and your colleagues on this most valuable work, and wish you continued success."

          Prof M S Swaminathan,?India

          “Access Agriculture has become the world leader in training videos for smallholder farmers.
          Access Agriculture was, is and will be an outstanding and remarkable partner of SDC with an unparalleled agility and capacity for innovation.”

          Simon Zbinden, Head, Global Programme Food Security, SDC

          "I have watched the videos on your Access Agriculture website. These type of videos are recommended for our students, especially at the end of training in agricultural colleges. Other relationships with the United Nations (FAO, UNDP and World Bank) should be developed, especially with regard to the very distinctive way of presenting knowledge in local languages on development."

          Gominan Osséni Sé?dou, FAO, Benin

          “I am a proprietor of Jezza Sustainable Organic Farm located 35 km from Kampala which is a startup farm in its second year of operation and found the resources on your Access Agriculture website valuable for our operation and the community around us.”

          Samuel Byamukama, Jezza Sustainable Organic Farm, Uganda

          “According to the facilitators, watching the videos on seed has stimulated them to start looking for local solutions to common problems that farmers face. It is by drawing on local knowledge that sustainable solutions can often be found at almost no cost. They did not say they are going to copy all what they saw, but they will apply the most essential.”

          Louis Béavogui, IRAG, Guinea

          ...this is the best and largest online agriculture training video library that is in many languages, and we have had great impact in our agriculture work using these videos.

          Sean Granville-Ross
          Country Director, Mercy Corps Uganda

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